Facebook Open Graph meta tags in WordPress

How to get your page or post content in the description tag

Getting the Open Graph meta tags (that Facebook parses when sharing a webpage) to be populated with the proper content can sometimes be tricky when working with HTML code that is dynamically generated by WordPress.

Below is the quickest and simplest way I’ve come up with to do this. As always, I like to share my discoveries in hopes that it saves other people the time I had to spend Googling and testing my solutions.

In the “header.php” file of your theme, add the following code, just above your Open Graph meta tags…

<?php $d = strip_tags(get_post($post->ID)->post_content); ?>

* the “d” variable stands for description. 😉
* the “strip_tags” bit ensures your description doesn’t include HTML tags.

Then output the description in your meta tag like so…

<meta property="og:decription" content="<?php echo $d; ?>">

Please, let me know in the comments if this little tip helped you at all.